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Interview with Barbara Newman and Susan Solovay

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Co-Directors of the consultancy, BrandVisioning, these senior level creative directors have brought their intuitive brand of creativity to global businesses around the world. Among other techniques, they specialize in the use of hypnosis focus groups for deep dives into consumer brand perceptions. They’ve strategized and created some of the industry’s most memorable campaigns: The Best Part of Waking Up … for Folgers coffee. It’s Your Life. Feed it Right… for Slim-Fast. Moms like you choose Jif…for P&G. We Fit America for Fruit of the Loom. They’ve worked their magic for Disney, Duncan Hines, Kool-Aid, Olive Garden, Dove chocolates, Post cereals, Land O’ Lakes, The Egg Board, Fresh cosmetics and so many more. With heart and soul, and delicious ‘eat the screen’ visuals, their work connects people to brands, and brands to their people. They are interviewed in this latest podcast by QRCA’s own Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.

Interview with Dave Siegel

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

davesiegelDave Siegel is the founder and “Big Daddy” of WonderGroup, the largest independent U.S. agency specializing in marketing and advertising to today’s moms and their kids.  After serving as the President of WonderGroup for the past ten years, Dave has moved over to take the Presidential reigns of WonderGroup’s Launchforce Division—a premier innovation consultancy whose clients include:  Kellogg’s, Purina, Sara-Lee, Nestle’s, ConAgra, Tate & Lyle, Anheuser Busch and others.  Dave has spent the past 30 years immersed in youth marketing and new product development, advising some of the country’s top corporations in the fields of:  Food & Beverage, Household Cleaning Products, Health and Beauty Aids, Toys, Entertainment, Clothing, Retailing, Technology and others.
Dave has also spoken at or chaired dozens of conferences throughout the world on youth marketing, marketing to moms and new products marketing. He served as an Associate Professor and Lecturer at: University of N. Kentucky, Thomas More College, Ohio State University and currently, Xavier University (where he is also on the Advisory Board to the Business School).  Dave. Siegel is the author of several books.  His latest is Innovation Myths and Mythstakes (Paramount Market Publishing) which he has co-authored with Tim Coffey and Mark Smith.  He’ also written The Great Tween Buying Machine (Deerborn Publishing), Marketing to the New SuperConsumer—Mom & Kid (Paramount Publishing) and the soon to be released Market Smart Design (Crescent Hill Books).  He is interviewed here by QRCA VIEWS managing editor,  Dr. Sharon Livingston.

Interview with Andrew Kent

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

andrewkentAndrew Kent is a researcher turned fiction writer, living in central Massachusetts, with his wife, children, and dogs. His first novel, “Spam & Eggs: A Johnny Denovo Mystery,” was published in February 2009. It introduces the character of Johnny Denovo, a detective who uses metaphor to solve cases. Kent has been described as “a new author whose originality explodes from these pages,” and the book has been hailed as “a masterpiece of deductive challenge, engrossing reading, and engaging entertainment” and “a book that in fact puts the writing of a lot of very seasoned and famous mystery writers to shame.” You can follow him at  He is interviewed here by QRCA VIEWS managing editor, Dr. Sharon Livingston.