Welcome to the QRCA Views podcast series. Part of our vision for the QRCA VIEWS magazine is to provide an ongoing podcast series of interviews with a variety of personalities likely to be of interest to our readership. Some of the interviews will be with authors featured in the print version of VIEWS and others may be with major figures outside our organization. Inasmuch as VIEWS is quarterly, the plan is to post one or more such interviews each quarter.

We know that our readers are busy professionals and despite their best intentions they don’t always find time to read every article. This podcast series is meant to be as a supplement for you very busy folks. You can listen right on your computer or you can download these podcasts to your laptop or an mp3 player. If you have an mp3 player, you can listen in your car, on a walk, on the airplane or at the gym. You can also subscribe to the series in iTunes by clicking on the iTunes icon over on the right of this page. Don’t worry, even though it is the iTunes store, the podcasts are free.