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Jen Golbeck Interview

Friday, September 9th, 2016

jen-smallListen in as QRCA Views Podcast Editor Mike interviews Jennifer Golbeck from the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland.

If you are in the majority, you share a lot of your own life on social media; services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for a significant amount of Internet traffic and people are sharing massive amounts of data about themselves, their attitudes, and their brand preferences through these services.  In the marketing community there are what seem to be never-ending arguments about how this active and passive sharing of data by consumers will impact the research industry and Jen Golbeck certainly has a point of view on it but it may not be what you think!

In this podcast you will hear Jennifer’s point of view that data collected from social media will enhance, rather than replace, most of the techniques that qualitative researchers use to understand behaviors and perceptions. To understand why she feels so strongly about this, you will have to listen in!